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Pennsylvania Educator Ethics Documents

  1. Code of Professional Practice & Conduct (WEB) or PDF 

  2. Educator Discipline Act (WEB) or PDF 

  3. Model Code of Ethics for Educators (WEB) or PDF 

  4. Public School Code of 1949 (WEB) or PDF 

  5. Questions for Peer Discussion (CSDE TEAM) PDF 

  6. Statutes, Regulations, Policies, and Forms of the Professional Standards and Practices Commission (WEB)


PIL Course Documents

  • Culminating Project Rubric 

  • Sample Culminating Project Summary 

  • ISTE Code of Conduct Lesson  

  • ISTE Model Lesson Assessment 

  • What Is NASDTEC? 

  • Why Sponsor a PLC? 

  • Model Lesson Decision Making Framework 

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