Frequently Asked Questions


How do I learn about the contents and cost of the different sessions?

Go to the Act 48 page.  Scan to the bottom and choose one of the three sessions.  You will be able to read the powerpoint slides used within each session's presentation.  

The cost for an individual educator to attend one of my sessions is $25 per session per person.

I am having Open House Sessions on June 15 and June 20.  We will present our  Pennsylvania Educators: Your Ethical Codes & Pennsylvania Department of Education Discipline Process  2.0 for the first time.  These slides have been updated to reflect the State Board of Education's amendments to the Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators last summer.  They also incorporate the definition of "professional ethics" added to 25 PA Code Chapter 49 by the State Board of Education in April, 2022.  You can register for these sessions on the Events page.

Thereafter, beginning with Session 1 on June 21, Session 2 on June 28 and Session 3 on June 29, participants will be able to earn one Act 48 hour each session.  Additional requirements of each session include the educator earning 60% or better on short quiz and returning a completed PDE 3527 Survey to me. 


Register & Pay?

How do I register and pay for a session?

Go to the Events page.  Select the specific Event you wish to attend:

Screen 1: Session name is across the top with price, quantity of participants registering and the button to Register.  Topics discussed in the session and the date/time of session are also on this screen.  Click on Register.

Screen 2: Attendees is across the top with the ticket number.  Your name and email are requested.  These are important to fill in correctly.  Phone is optional.  Click on Register.

Screen 3: Review Order screen.  Quantity is repeated with price giving a subtotal.  No sales taxes are collected in this transaction.  Click on Process Checkout.

Screen 4: Your Order Screen.  Review your name and email.  Please fill in your billing address.  Click on Next

Screen 5: Your order total is listed along with your billing address.  Identify if you will pay by card or wire transfer.  Click on Pay Now.

Screen 6: I use PayPal to process your payment.  If paying through PayPal, fill in your email or mobile number to begin.  If paying by card, click on lower oval.

Screen 7: PayPal Guest Checkout.  Top section is card info, billing address and contact info.  Your phone number and email address are required on this screen. Click on Pay Now.

Screen 8: If you wish to create a PayPal account, complete the top part of this screen.  You do not need to create a PayPal account to pay for this session.  You may click on Not Now to continue.

Screen 9: Your order number should be confirmed with total amount of your order showing on the right side of this screen.  and your billing/shipping address.  You are able to print this screen by hitting the button near the top.  This printed copy will list the order date/time, my name, the session title, date and total amount paid.

If you are not able to print out this final order confirmation document, let me know by using the Contact Me page on this website.

You should receive a confirmation email after completing the transaction on my website.  If you don't receive a confirmation email, contact me.  I want to make sure I have your correct email address.

Once I receive confirmation of your purchase, I will send a Hello letter to you at the email address you filled in Screen 2.  This Hello letter will contain the Zoom link for your session.  This letter will also contain any readings/documents I am asking you to have read or with you during the our session.

  DIay of the Session?

What happens on the day of the Session?

  Contact me if you have not received the Hello letter from me one week before the session date.

On the day of the session, please enter the waiting room 10 minutes before start time.  In My PDE course application, I agreed to grant one hour of Professional Development only to those educators who: 

  • were physically present during the session;

  • completed/returned  a written quiz; and completed/returned

  • PDE Survey 3527. 

  I can verify to PDE that educators were physically present during Covid only by seeing you in person on camera.  As a result, you are to have your camera on at all times.  

Within 24 hours of completion of the Session, I will document that I saw you on camera during our session.  It will help if you participate in our polls and Open Mics. 

I will send you a Thank you email.  This email will contain a link to that session's quiz and the PDE Survey 3527.  You must print both copies out, complete them and send them back to me via US Mail within two weeks.   I will accept return only by US Mail.  I keep the hard copy of both documents as evidence of your completion for seven years. 

Upload to PERMS?

How will I know I have completed the Session and my hour earned has been added to PERMS?

When I receive the quiz and PDE Survey 3527 back from you, I check them.  60% of your quiz responses must be complete.  All items on both pages of the Survey must be completed.  If you don't score 60% or the Survey is incomplete, I will send them back to you.  

When you have scored 60% or better on the quiz and completed the Survey, I will upload your one hour earned to PERMS.  When I have finished the upload, PDE produces a letter to you from me.  This is your Final Letter.  I will print out the Final Letter and send you a hard copy through the United States Postal Service.  

This Final Letter may be copied and given to your school entity's professional development coordinator as proof of one hour being added to your PERMS account.